Tuckpointing Service in Minneapolis, MN

Is your brick building, wall, or porch beginning to show its age? Over time, the mortar between bricks can wear away and even fall out, leading to unsightly gaps and even structural problems. If you’re dealing with issues like these, contact A&M Construction for tuckpointing service.

Tuckpointing is the process of restoring the mortar between bricks on an existing wall. The process can be used to replace existing mortar or to give your building a facelift.

What Is Tuckpointing?

The term tuckpointing is used to refer to a few different methods of repairing brickwork. Traditionally, tuckpointing referred to the process of using a thin line of contrasting mortar to create an attractive brick façade. For example, red mortar would be used with red bricks and then a fine line of white mortar would be used to outline the bricks.

Tuckpointing also refers to the process of replacing crumbled mortar to restore the structural stability of a brick wall. With new mortar, the brick wall is protected against moisture damage and restored to its original condition.

If you have a brick building in Minneapolis, MN, that could use a facelift, call A&M Construction. Our contractors can restore your building to its original, beautiful, and structurally sound condition. Call (763) 753-0159 today.